Our humble beginnings empowered us to assist our clients.  We believe there is always a challenge that individuals or organizations face to stay most competitive amidst changing environments.  Our first-hand experience across multiple sectors offers our clients an honest source to meet their individual and organizational goals. Bold Alliance Global Strategies (BAGS) is a catalyst for sustainable transformation and the most reliable partner to our clients. We believe every individual is meant to add value to their team and the systems around them. 

We know every client is unique. As global consultants, we exercise the utmost respect and highest level of cross-cultural understanding to conduct any necessary preliminary assessment(s) before taking on a client’s project. We carefully evaluate our capacity before taking on a new client. No client’s need is ever too small. Our greatest satisfaction is to know that each of our clients receives the quality of services we can provide.  We consider data analytics, strategic foresight principles, and innovative thinking to ensure the client receives comprehensive and research-based recommendations. We aim to establish positive relationships and lasting alliances with our clients throughout a task or a project. We celebrate every milestone our client achieves and remains available when clients’ needs arise.  

 In today’s global market, BAGS is ready to provide relevant training facilitation, policy development, policy implementation, organizational development, coaching, and strategic consulting services. BAGS connects clients to untapped resources to reach their full potential. BAGS encourages clients to foster learning cultures that can thrive through change to promote sustainable capacity building.


We partner with our clients before, during, and after every project. 


We serve to transform lives, organizations, and communities to empower them to reach their maximum potential and effect global impact.


To empower our clients to develop and implement effective strategies to achieve their goals through untapped partnerships and resources.


These principles enable us to foster trusting and mutually fruitful relationships with our clients










We exist to give the best of ourselves in the results and quality of the work we produce.

We belief transparency   

Our ethical principles guide our words, our decisions, and our actions.    

We celebrate the uniqueness of each client with equal and fair treatment. 

We devise points toward the future in light of the past to create positive results.

We accept responsibility for our words and actions.

Our real depth relationship with every client empowers them to serve and grow others.

We refuse to quit. We endure long journeys, conquer obstacles, and celebrate milestones. 

We appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow with each client we serve. 



Over two decades of experience in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. She believes in equipping clients to carry out their organization’s mission while achieving their individual goals.  Her multicultural background and experience make her an asset for cultivating positive relationships and learning organizational cultures.


She holds a bachelor's degree from George Mason University, a master's degree in International Affairs from the Catholic University of America, a Doctor of Strategic Leadership degree from Regent University, an Executive Certificate in Nonprofit Management from the Georgetown University McCourt School of Public Policy Center for Public & Nonprofit Leadership.


BAGS and its strategic allies are committed to render excellence to clients because clients impact lives and communities around them.  We are committed to outstanding services through global citizenship.


  • Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)

  • International Leadership Association (ILA)

  • Association of the United States Army (AUSA) 

  • Veterans of Foreign Wars

  • American Legion

  • Reserve Officers’ Association (ROA)

  • Lions Club International (LCI)

  • Rotary International

  • United Nations Association (UNA)

  • Virginia Association for Human Rights (VAHR)

  • Virginia Cooperative Extension (VCE)

  • Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU) 

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